Fabless Korean Outfit Extends License of ARM Mali GPUs for Android Tablets

Paul Lilly

Go ahead and award yourself 250 geek points if you've heard of Telechips, a Korean fabless semiconductor company working closely with ARM. Telechips has actually been around for a little over a decade and during that time it developed the world's only digital based Caller ID chip, as well as a handful of other market firsts. More recently, Telechips has focused its attention on the emerging tablet market and just extended its license of ARM Mali embedded graphics to include the Mali 400 MP GPU.

ARM's Mali 400 MP is the world's first OpenGL ES 2.0 corformant embedded multi-core GPU. Telechips envisions empowering Android-based tablets with the newly licensed GPU, which provides 2D and 3D acceleration with performance scalability beyond 1080p.

While you might not have heard of Telechips, chances are you have heard of Samsung's Galaxy S II, which has been found to be using ARM's Mali 400 chip.

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