F-Secure Offers Tips to Windows XP Users Who Don't Plan to Upgrade



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Microsoft is offering a $100 for XP users who upgrade to a new Windows 8 PC $599—$2,299.

I wouldn't upgrade to Windows 8 for $1000, thanks in no small part to the assholes who have been trolling this site, ridiculing anyone not fond of the new OS, as have the suits at Redmond.

I would have upgraded my XP PCs to Windows 7, were it not for peripheral driver support.



When I want a new computer, I'll buy one. If I just want to update my OS, the logical 'upgrade' from Windows XP is GNU/Linux. It's more secure than Windows 8, and it will probably run faster than XP on the existing hardware.

Microsoft is so eager to force everyone to use Windows 8, it's deliberately offering no alternative of its own, for people with older PCs and limited computing needs. Even though that group obviously constitutes something like 1/3 of the market. Ignoring market realities is how businesses fail.



I have XP running on one system I have in the basement. It is connected to the interwebs, so when the day comes when Microsoft stops updating the operating system I will take it off the web, install a new hard drive and clone the old one to it. Then I will disconnect the new one and run the old drive.. If it gets an infection I can't get rid of I will blank the drive and clone over the backup I made. That method of maintenance should work until the motherboard dies quite a few years down the road. I am going to do the same for my win 7 machine when the time comes. Never say die!




...or you could just do a relatively cheap OS upgrade and save yourself the time, headache and worry of your computer getting infected.



Finally, a security company that isn't out to make a quick buck on those who are not upgrading.

Most security problems now are either through social engineering or obscure zero-day exploits that you catch from doing questionable things on the internet. While XP is in dire need of some form of protection, once it's in place, it's reasonably secure to be out in the wild as long as the places are trusted.

Oh, and don't run your main account on XP as an admin. In fact, never run your main account on Windows as an admin unless you have a really damn good reason to.



The best thing to do if you want to keep using Windows XP is disconnect it from the internet. I have 3 old lappys running XP and they have no idea what the internet is and they run their old programs perfectly. One is a scanner computer, one digitizes old VHSs and the other is an old Gateway convertible laptop that acts as a sheet music reader on my piano. If I want to add to them I use a thumb drive. XP is still a great OS and all of the hardware made for it during the mid 2000's still pairs with it nicely. It's just not internet compatible any more.