F-Secure Rebuilds Online Scanner From the Ground Up

Paul Lilly

A free online scanner just got faster and lighter.

Security outfit F-Secure says it completely rebuilt its Online Scanner tool to run faster, lighter, and more capable than before. One of the biggest additions to the revamped scanner is that it now hunts for rootkits, those nasty bits of code that burrow deep down and sometimes boot before the operating sytem, making them extremely difficult to detect and remove. F-Secure also focused on downsizing the tool's footprint, which now checks in at 5MB.

No installation is required to run the scanner, and since it's only 5MB in size, it's a handy tool to carry around on your USB thumb drive. F-Secure also recommends giving your system a scan on occasion even if you're already running antivirus software.

"Cyberspace is a jungle," states Kimmo Kasslin , Director, Security Research at F-Secure Labs. "Sites that are usually trustworthy are being compromised with malware, and users can be silently infected without any overt action -- simply by landing on a malicious or compromised website. That's why it's always a good idea to run a quick scan -- even if you have another security software installed."

At the same time, F-Secure is quick to remind users that its online scanner isn't a substitute for daily AV software and other preventative measures, such as smart computing habits.

You can download the tool on F-Secure's website .

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