F-Secure Points Angry Finger at Microsoft, Wants Windows XP to Die Already

Paul Lilly

"[Microsoft] should try and kill this beast!" - F-Secure on Windows XP

It's not cockroaches that would survive a nuclear war, but Windows XP, the legacy operating system that simply refuses to give up the ghost. Officially, Microsoft ended support for XP back in April, but companies still have the option of paying for continued security updates. Security firm F-Secure isn't real pleased with Microsoft's handling of XP or the fact that so many businesses and users are still running the OS.

F-Secure's chief security researcher Mikko Hypponen lashed out at Microsoft and Windows XP during a roundtable event at the company's labs in Finland.

"I can't wait for Windows XP to die. I'm glad Microsoft stopped shipping updates. I'm mad at Microsoft for shipping updates after end of support, it should try and kill this beast. But it's not dead yet," Hypponen said, according to The Inquirer .

Hyponnen is peaved that around 20 percent of the PC market still runs Windows XP. His issue is with the lack of security compared to newer operating systems.

"We should be getting rid of these old systems," Hyponnen said. "Why didn't [businesses] take up to this two years ago? It's surprising how slow governments are and also large companies everywhere. [It's] going to take a while to get rid of this headache and I can't wait."

Hyponnen also talked about Android, noting that F-Secure manages 100,000 malware samples every day, many of which target the mobile OS.

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