Eye-Fi Unveils Bigger, Better, Faster Wireless SD Card

Pulkit Chandna

One recurring criticism of Eye-Fi's Wi-Fi SD cards has been their slow upload speeds. But the all new Eye-Fi Pro X2 unveiled today promises brisker uploads. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 features an 802.11n radio besides a revamped antenna design, resulting in faster uploads and  increased Wi-Fi range. The card itself is said to boast faster read/write speeds thanks to the propriety X2 engine, which also helps it deliver Class 6 performance.

Next on the list of enhancements is greater storage space: the Pro X2 features 8GB space instead of the current 4GB. Apart from directly transferring images and videos to a  computer, it is also possible to wirelessly upload them to a host of photo and video sharing sites. The new Endless Memory mode can help optimize storage space by deleting “files that have been safely uploaded, beginning with the oldest - even when the card is not connected to a network.” You can pre-order the card now for $150.

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