eXtreme PSU Calculator Update Adds More GPUs and CPUs

Paul Lilly

Do you have a difficult time trying to figure out what size power supply you'll need for your next build? With so many variables in play, it's no easy task, yet it's critical you get it right. Overshoot your power needs and you'll end up wasting money on a larger PSU than you need, potentially depriving funds from other parts of your build. But sell yourself short and instability could rear its ugly mug. The online eXtreme PSU Calculator is a great starting point and it's just been updated .

On the GPU side, the latest update now supports Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560 Ti and AMD's Radeon HD 5550 videocards. Socket LGA 1155 has been added to the mix, as well as several Sandy Bridge chips, including the Intel Core i5 2300, i5 2400, i5 2400S, i5 2500, it 2500S, and it 2500T.

The Lite version is still free to use and offers plenty of information to point you in the right direction. Alternately, the Pro version -- $2 for three days, $3 for one month, $7 for one year, or $10 for lifetime access -- offers a bit more details, such as amperage estimates on the +12V, +5V, and +3.3V rails, recommended UPS rating, 3-way SLI and quad-CrossFireX support, and a few more extras.

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

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