eXtreme Outer Vision Updates Online PSU Calculator

Paul Lilly

The Maximum PC mindset is one that unapologetically goes overboard at every opportunity. We're talking hexacore CPUs, gobs of RAM, and multiple solid state drives in a RAID 0 configuration. And to power all this gear? We want a power supply that darkens the entire city every time we push our PC's power button. The obvious downside to going over the top is cost, and in terms of the PSU, getting too carried away doesn't net any kind of return. Have you ever wondered what size PSU you really need? Check out eXtreme Outer Vision's online PSU calculator.

eXtreme Outer Vision sent us word that it made some updates to its PSU calculator to accommodate newer hardware. It now takes into consideration three new graphics cards, including Nvidia's GeForce GTX 590 and AMD's Radeon HD 6790 and 6990 cards, as well as a trio of new processors, including Intel's Core i7 990X and AMD's Phenom II X4 975 and 980 CPUs.

The Lite version is free to use and will give you a better than ballpark figure of what size power supply you should be shopping for your proposed build. There's also a Pro version that takes into account more than two videocards and provides additional details, such as amperage on the +3.3V, +5V, and +12V rails, and recommended UPS rating. For most users, the Lite version is all you'll need, though eXtreme Out Vision is currently offering a lifetime license for $3.99, a promotion that runs until June 27.

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