Explosive Netbook Growth Expected to Slow


According to a new report from research firm Research and Markets, netbook shipments will end the year with a bang, shipping twice as many units as 2008. That's pretty impressive, and with prices continuing to fall, it seems netbooks are destined to keep selling like hot cakes. Or are they?

The research firm predicts that the market will slow somewhat in 2010 as manufacturers cope with increasingly slimmer profit margins.

"In order to expand netbook PC market coverage, other than increasing product differentiation to stimulate demand in the existing mature consumer markets," states the report, "PC companies also aim to seek new market opportunities in the education, commercial, and emerging market segments, as well as new distribution channels and new offerings."

The report went on to say that competition from Nokia and Apple could heat things up in 2010, including the release of the rumored Apple Tablet sometime next year.

Image Credit: DanieVDM

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