Experimental Android Live CD Now Available to x86 Systems


T-Mobile G1 owners already have an idea what to expect from Google's Android operating system, but now anyone can give the OS a whirl, and they can do it on their PC. No convoluted hacks required - just download the Live CD image, burn it to disc, and reboot your PC.

The hacked OS comes courtesy of the Beijing-based LiveAndroid team, who released its first LiveAndroid alpha build in May. Now in version 0.2, the new release is based on Android Cupcake (version 1.5) and adds some useful functionality , like a mouse-controlled curser, keyboard support, and Ethernet. Still missing are WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio.

"LiveAndroid gives you a taste of Google phone on your computer. We want LiveAndroid to be a REAL OS for your computer. Now it is only a toy," the developers wrote on their website .

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Image Credit: LiveAndroid

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