Ex RIM Employee Highlights PlayBook's Challenges

Paul Lilly

Raymond Reddy used to work in Corporate Development over at Research In Motion (RIM). Now he's an outsider looking in, and what he sees are a handful of obstacles standing ahead of RIM's upcoming PlayBook.

Speaking with Business Insider , Reddy identified at least three areas where the PlayBook could potentially run into trouble. First, the device might simply be too late. According to Reddy, RIM didn't anticipate how difficult it would be to port the BlackBerry interface over to the new QNX operating system.

Secondly, there won't be many third party apps, and this ties in with the point above. It will be a challenge, Reddy says, to convince developers to port their apps from the BlackBerry OS over to QNX.

And finally, Reddy says the Wi-Fi only version isn't going to appeal to users who need access to corporate BlackBerry email accounts.

One thing Reddy didn't really touch on was battery life. There has been some concern in the media that the PlayBook's battery life will fall far short of the competition, though RIM insists such claims are bogus and those who say otherwise have been playing with early beta versions of the PlayBook that have yet to be optimized.

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