EVGA's $200 Tegra Note 7 Gaming Tablet Now Available to Pre-Order



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Why android? If i could just play my steam games.....


Bullwinkle J Moose

Streaming Desktops are about to get "really real"


NVidia needs to step up it's game

.......and nobody want's an Amazon Desktop

Stream my personal game machine (to ME ONLY) and you OWN the market!
It's GameTime Bitches!

If you can't win the war by giving end users TOTAL control of their own systems, then FUCK YOU!

Like I said, it's about to get really real.....




I almost missed your comment. It looked like one of those spamming comments. =D

aaaand now i regret reading it...



I'm sure it Angry Birds with great frame rates....



Here's the thing, I'm one of those people who want my phone and tablet to be update-able to the latest and greatest OS, within reasonable hardware parameters.
HTC lost me as a customer because the last 3 devices I owned from the brand weren't capable of moving up to the newest OS, even though hardware wasn't the issue. Acer lost me (tablet) because of the same reason. Burn me once, shame on you; Acer actually blames NVidia wholly for their not being able to update their tablets. So NVidia is on my no-buy list.
Now I'm using Nexus devices and I could not be happier, the only thing that could pull me away (I am one of the few loyal Android people, I don't bounce from brand to brand) is a brand that shows me that they are willing and able to update their devices as aggressively as Google does and of course offer the specs I am interested in in such devices. Samsung is piquing my interest as they've updated many of their devices. I had my eye on LG but they've already dropped the ball since the Optimus G despite having the same specs as the Nexus 4 hasn't received an update.

That brings me to the topic at hand. There's no reason to get this tablet unless you don't care about updates and it has something to offer that the many other 200-250 tablets don't. About the only thing this has over the 2013 N7 is the SD card, and between the 50+ GB of cloud and 32GB of on board storage, personally I no longer need the SD card.



EVGA's claiming it has the "World's first HDR camera in a tablet." How can that be, when my iPad Mini can take HDR shots, and I've done so since January?



1GB of RAM? 1280x800 screen? No thanks. I'll stick to my 2013 Nexus 7.



Faster than 2013 Nexus 7, stylus, SD Card slot, Front facing speakers . . . I'll take the Tegra Note 7. At least I would if anyone was selling them!!!



Regrettably it lost me at 1GB of RAM



Lost me a little earlier at the 1280x800 resolution. One only has to look at it's two main competitors, the N7 2 and the Kindle Fire HDX.



Can I play Crysis 3 in this?



Onlive, gaikai and project flare are your saints.

But I am worried when "gaming" and "android"(even iOS and Rt) are in one sentence. Those are terrible lies.