EVGA's Double BIOS Graphics Cards Offer Tinkerers a Safety Net

Paul Lilly

Take a mulligan on overclocking gone bad

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were do-overs in everyday life like there are in some sports? That's pretty much what EVGA is offering through a line of graphics cards that now feature "Double BIOS," the marketing name for what's essentially a secondary BIOS in case you screw something up. It's also there to support experimentation with custom BIOSes, and should something go wrong, BIOS recovery is a flip of the switch away.

"Also, on select cards the secondary BIOS may unlock additional overclocking potential and/or improved fanspeed control," EVGA says.

EVGA offers several Nvidia GeForce video cards with dual BIOS chips ranging from the GeForce GTX 760 (02G-P4-3763-KR; coming soon) on up to the GTX 780 Classified HC (03G-P4-3789-KR).

To kick off the introduction of Dual BIOS graphics cards, EVGA is offering a giveaway consisting of two GeForce GTX 780, 770, and 760 cards. To enter, just fill out a simple form , cross your fingers, and wait until September 6, 2013, which is when the winners will be announced.

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