EVGA Introduces GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition for Hardcore Overclockers



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Holy shit, think of the Folding power this thing would have OC'ed like a mutha.


Peanut Fox

I think a version of this card without the air cooler is needed. If you're not going with some form of liquid cooling or more exotic LN2 why even bother?

Perhaps the fans they come with are better than I think they are.


Ghost XFX

Ok, MPC, here's where you come in....

I'd like to see this card vs the 780 Classified. Let's see if the performance is worth the asking price they're likely looking for.



I think the asking price could only be justified by those who live for nothing but benchmarking (ie, the air cooler gets tossed and replaced with LN2 apparatus).

I'd love to see MPC do this comparison but I think the value question would need to be framed in a real-world scenario: Is the Kingpin worth the additional cost on top of the 'vanilla' Classified card to a hardcore overclocker/benchmark jockey using LN2?

With both cards on stock air cooling, I can't believe that the Kingpin would offer any real added value over the Classified. It would have made a bit more sense to me to release it as a Hydro Copper variant. I wonder if it would have been a good idea to offer the Kingpin with no cooler at all since 99% of buyers will immediately yank it.



Here is a link to The GTX 780 Ti Classified K|ngp|n with Firestrike:


as you see it scored over 16700 and the standard GTX 780 Ti classified from what ive seen, has scored around 12500 overclocked.



It wouldn't necessarily have to be LN2 to justify the purchase. The card sounds like it could overclock quite well with liquid cooling, too. But I agree that it would be interesting to see one with no air cooling pre-installed. EVGA could also produce a Hydro Copper version of it, like they did with the regular 780: http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=03G-P4-2789-KR



They're so EXXXTREEME, they use pipes in place of "i"s. Man, that's EXXXXXXTREEEME, I tell ya! Because the letter "i" is just for old losers, a|n't |t?



It kind of looks like they left on part of the packaging with the plastic shroud. Some one tell them to keep unwrapping it, they aren't done yet. Don't the cooling fins appear to be going the wrong direction in the press photos?

Still an amazing piece of hardware there. I'm sure the price will follow the awesome nature of 450-watts of OC capability. Made-to-order may as well mean a line of dollar signs.



No, that is not leftover plastic wrapping on the card. That is the intended look - translucent 'foggy' plastic. And no, the heatsink fins are going in the right direction. That's the way EVGA designed the heatsink for their ACX cooling solution. I personally do NOT like it. In essence, hot air off the cards gets blown directly onto the motherboard and also directly away from the motherboard (two separate streams of exhaust. No hot air goes out the back of the card and a solid metal plate (the end of the heatsink) totally blocks the back end of the card. This creates a recipricating heating issue for some PC cases. The only viable solutions are to either remove the side panel on the case so that the hot air can escape out of the enclosure, or have a side panel that has a vent (with fans blowing outward is best). Another alternative would be to liquid cool the cards and elminate the hot exhaust issue altogether. Bottom line is that EVGA's ACX cooling is not the best engineering solution. Gigabyte's Windforce cooling solution is much better IMHO.



The windforce uses the exact same cooling principles.. Are you saying the Windforce simply cools better? Because they both exhaust air out into the case...



I think the fins are in that orientation because extreme overclockers usually don't run them in cases.






GFX cards have been getting more plain jane I the past few years I liked when they had pictures on them the most the old Nvidia cards.