EVGA GTX 660 Ti Super Clocked


EVGA GTX 660 Ti Super Clocked

A perfectly cromulent card

Though the EVGA GTX 660 Ti looks like a reference card don’t let its standard-looking cooling shroud fool you. This is certainly an overclocked card, though its overclock is the most modest in this grouping at just 65MHz above reference speeds. Its Boost Clock frequency is also lower than the other cards at just 1,059MHz. The board features a very short 7” circuit board, compared to over 9 inches on the other cards, but its extra-long cooling shroud makes the card just as big and long as the others. 

EVGA GTX 660 Ti Super Clocked

EVGA's shroud, like its clocks, hews closer to reference than the others.

The EVGA did not win in any of our benchmark tests, but it was close in all of them and usually off the pace by just a handful of frames. We’re not too surprised about this as this card had the lowest clock speeds of any in the test, running up to 1,123MHz when under 100 percent load, which is a 100MHz deficit compared to its competition. The card did stay cool and relatively quiet though, running at a steady 65C even when  pushed for hours under at 100 percent full-load. We would describe the noise level as worse than the Gigabyte but not as bad as the MSI board: noticeable but not annoying. 

Surprisingly, though this board looks like it’s the most boring in the group it includes the best bundle of accessories including a VGA-to-DVI adapter, two power supply cable adapters and a sheet of EVGA stickers that are kind of cool. 

As it stands the EVGA is a tough sell since it doesn’t excel in any one area compared to the other cards here. We hear it will be releasing a more powerful FTW version in the future, and we can’t wait to check that card out when it arrives. This card is a solid offering but there are better options available. 

From the November Issue 2012

$310, www.evga.com




Decent performance; relatively quiet; good bundle


Slower than the others; not totally quiet




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