EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448 FTW Review



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"If you really want a GTX 570, but can’t swing the price, the 560 Ti 448 might fill the bill"

....should say " If you really want a GTX 570, but want to spend less money for similar (slightly better on these benchmarks) performance, the 560 Ti 448 might fill the bill.....



Should have used the classified version, Overclocked it can whip a gtx 570.



I have the Regular GTX 560 Ti and I like it without the 448 CUDA Cores.



I agree with dgmouse. This card looks interesting, but I can't justify spending $300 for about 25% more performance and trashing my gtx 460. About the most I'm willing to do at this point is casually browse ebay for another GTX 460 and put them in SLI. My friend just bought a GTX 580 for almost $500 going from a radeon 5770. I spent $200 on my gtx 460 and at most want to spend $100 on another. That's a total of $300 that stacks up nicely to his $500 card, and he had to spend the past 2 years on a radeon 5770 to save up for it.

It's good to start seeing some price points/circumstances where SLI and crossfire make sense. 2 years ago I would have never said that- just get the big single card.







As I always tell anyone looking to upgrade a component when they have some money...




Every quarter there is some pulse of something, which off-hand sounds obvious and trite, but it's said that way because not everything pulses at the same time...


Right now, the pulse of hard-drives is likely high priced, so hold off on it, and give it either three or six months to start coming back. Meanwhile, in three months or so, new GPU's will be coming along that will obliterate today's standard and do two things, provide either a far more powerful card than the one you're considering now, OR make the one you're considering now far cheaper and still just as good as it was before the "new thing" came out.


Granted, you can't always wait, and waiting stinks... Frankly I'm waiting for my freakin' holodeck to arrive! Lousy subspace ordering... Got some lazy exo-comp on the line, even in the future you never get to talk to a live human(oid)! [a cookie for you if you caught the Trek references!]


But I digress...


It's a good card, and even more so if you just gotta have a card that isn't going to disappoint for the vast majority of apps, and can't rationalize diving in for a top-of-the-line card.



Since I obviously have your attention, let me make a prediction:  AMD/ATI is enjoying their last throes of contention in the mainstream gaming market.  They will soon (2020 or sooner) be relegated to markets that do not closely resemble the AMD that we knew over the last decade.  NVidia will either: 1) follow suit, albeit on a marginally longer time-table, 2) absolutely trounce AMD in the game they currently both play (the same way Intel is trouncing AMD in the CPU market at present), or 3) do both (1) and (2).  With their success in the incipient phone and tablet markets and HPC at the other end of the spectrum, it may simply be time for the megawatt home PC market to die.



Well I'm certainly glad I didn't wait up for this.  I was tempted to hold off on getting my upgraded GPU until this came out, but decided to go with a pair of 5870's for $150 each instead.  So now for the same cost I've got slightly better to way better performance.  I wanted to go Nvidia this time in case I ever decided I wanted/needed to work with CUDA, but there's really no reason to pay that much extra...



I assume by utilizing a 570 core means they screwed up HDMI bitstreaming again...



I currently have an Radeon 5850 and am thinking to upgrade it. However, I'm torn between moving up to another AMD card or an Nvidia 570. The 5850's been great and have not had any problems with drivers or gameplay.

Any suggestions?



I wanted to do the same thing but decided against it, because I need 2 cards to replace my xfire setup. Wait for Kepler like blkpanthr said.