EVGA UV Plus 39 Allows You To Add 1080p Displays Using USB 3.0

Maximum PC Staff

USB display adapters have always been “a thing”, but performance over USB 2.0 has always been a bit flaky. The older USB standard just doesn’t have the bandwidth needed to support the number of pixels demanded by a modern display. With the wide spread adoption of USB 3.0 by Intel however, EVGA finally saw fit to unveil its UV Plus 39 Display Adapter at this year’s Computex.

The palm sized device will allow any PC to add additional 1080p displays using the DVI or HDMI output ports, and uses a virtual GPU driver in tandem with your CPU to process the video signals. Because of this you’ll need a pretty powerful CPU to drive any more than one of these bad boy’s, but if you want to add additional displays to a notebook when you dock it at home there is simply no better option.

Ivy Bridge integrated graphics can natively support up to three displays, but unfortunately multi-monitor support just isn’t a thing on laptop’s or ultrabooks these days. Because of this we expect the UV Plus 39 will satisfy its intended niche. Desktop users of course are always better off just dropping in another GPU or upgrading older hardware for multi-monitor support.

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