EVGA Updates Precision Overclocking Utility for GPUs

Paul Lilly

EVGA this week rolled out a new version of its Precision "Advanced Graphics Tuning" software, a utility used to monitor your graphics card(s) and overclock. Four sliders let you adjust the core clockspeed, shader clockspeed, memory clockspeed, and fan speed on up to four GPUs, while temps and speeds are displayed in a real-time monitor on the left-hand side of the UI.

The newest version -- v2.1.2 -- fixes a bug that prevents voltage settings from applying at Windows startup. You can also adjust graph properties in the "Monitoring" tab in the new version, and perhaps the biggest change is a new framerate limiter.

"Limiting the framerate during gaming can help to reduce the power consumption as well as it can improve gaming experience due to removing unwanted microstuttering effect caused by framerate fluctuations," EVGA explains, in case you're wondering why you'd ever want to limit framerates.

Full release notes and download available here .

Image Credit: EVGA

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