EVGA to Release a Benchmarking Tool with Multi-GPU Support

Paul Lilly

This time of year isn't just about upcoming hardware and technologies, there's also software to show off. Just ask EVGA, who uploaded a pic of an upcoming GPU benchmarking and stress testing utility.

There aren't a whole lot of details surrounding the new tool, mainly because it's still in development. But from what little the company did divulge, we know the utility will be able to integrate with EVGA Precision for a potent software bundle that would include benchmarking and overclocking tools, a voltage tuner, temp monitor, and a stress test all into one tidy package.

Looking longer term, EVGA plans to incorporate multi-GPU support, a first for an Nvidia-based app when it comes to SLI stress testing. So when you can expect it?

It will be "coming soon to an EVGA card near you," says Jacob Freeman from EVGA.

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Image Credit: EVGA

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