EVGA Reveals First Dual-GPU GeForce 500 Series Card


The fastest single videocard on the planet belongs to AMD, but that's only because the HD 5970 sports a pair of GPUs under the hood. Nvidia, meanwhile, owns the single-GPU performance crown with its GTX 580 videocard, but it may soon steal the overall performance crown from AMD, too.

According to Tech Report , EVGA is all too happy to show off Nvidia's next dual-GPU monster, though the company isn't willing to give many specifics. As an exclusive Nvidia partner, we suspect what you're seeing is a dual-GPU GeForce 500 series card -- probably a GTX 595 -- equipped with two GF110 GPUs.

From the pictures, we can see there's at least 1GB of memory (and probably much more), three DVI outputs, and a pair of eight-pin power connectors. Cooling is provided by a custom heatsink with three fans.

Image Credit: techreport.com

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