EVGA Releases a Torrent of P55-Based Motherboards


Holy smoke, somebody was ready for Intel to launch its socket 1156-based Core i5/i7 platform. EVGA, best known for its videocards but who has also churned out a handful of high-end motherboards, today announced not one, not two, but SEVEN P55-based mobos.

Taking up the flagship position is EVGA's P55 Classified 200. Sporting a sexy red and black color scheme, the P55 Classified is aimed at the "ultra enthusiast" and includes mounting holes for both LGA 775- and LGA 1156-based heatsinks. It also brings to the table a 10 phase digital PWM, Vdroop control, EVGA's E-LEET overclocking utility, onboard Clear CMOS, Power, and Reset buttons, 300 percent more socket gold (bling!), an onboard CPU temp monitor, lower inductance capacitors, and several other marketing bullets that will hit hardcore overclockers squarely between the eyes.

Way on the other side of the spectrum sits EVGA's P55 Micro LE , an entry-level board that still manages to pack a 6+1 phase PWM, Vdroop control, one-touch overclocking (EVGA Dummy OC), several dedicated read points to measure voltages with your voltmeter, and more.

Other boards -- specs of which you can check out here -- include the P55 Micro, P55 LE, P55 SLI, P55 FTW, and P55 FTW 200.

Oh, and don't quit your day job, EVGA: Click and cringe .

Image Credit: EVGA

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