EVGA Recalls Some GTX 670 Superclock Cards

Brad Chacos

Ruh-roh! Being an early adopter of technology often means putting up with headaches while a product's kinks get worked out, and it seems that's holding true for at least some early GTX 670 buyers. EVGA apparently forgot to quality test a small batch of GTX 670 Superclock cards and is recalling them as a result.

HardOCP's Kyle Bennett heard the first whispers and asked EVGA what was going on. Here's what the company told him :

EVGA has isolated this problem to an early batch of GTX 670 Superclock cards (P/N: 02G-P3-2672-KR) that were not properly screened during QA/QC procedure. We have already been working with our partners to retest this particular batch. In the meantime, our R&D has also done numerous tests, burn in and component quality verification to confirm that the EVGA GTX 670 Superclock is a well designed product .

The rep didn't mention whether there were specific defect concerns or a way to identify potentially untested cards. Several threads in EVGA's GTX 600-series subforum mention GTX 670s crashing shortly after installation; maybe the cause is related? In any case, those forum users report that the RMA process is painless, and EVGA told Bennett that they'd be replacing customers' recalled GTX 670 Superclocks with GTX 670 FTW cards to help make up for the headache.

Is your EVGA GTX 670 Superclock acting up? The company told HardOCP that customers should contact Jacob Freeman at jacobf@evga.com to get the RMA ball rolling.

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