EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 690 Signature Edition Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

The Internet's abuzz with yesterday's launch of Nvidia's dual-Kepler GeForce GTX 690 graphics card with two potent GPUs underneath the hood, and if you haven't done so already, be sure to check out our preliminary benchmarks leading up to a full-on review. Following the official launch, EVGA announced it's raring to go with a Signature Edition bundle that packs in a few limited edition extras for a $50 premium.

EVGA's GeForce GTX 690 Signature card carries an MSRP of $1,050 and includes the card itself, a limited edition EVGA gaming poster, themed t-shirt, and mousepad. As is the case with pretty much all Kepler cards at this point, you'll have a bear of a time finding one in stock, though EVGA will notify you when it's available if you share your email address.

If you don't care about the extras but still want an EVGA-brand graphics card and the warranty perks that go with it, the 'vanilla' version GeForce GTX 690 runs $1,000 MSRP and is spec'd the same. Both cards come with a few decals, cables, and adapters, and have a limit of 1 per household.

Image Credit: EVGA

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