EVGA Announces EVBot Overclocking Tool

Paul Lilly

EVGA's latest tool puts the art of overclocking in the palm of your hand, and quite literally we might add. The company's just-announced EVBot looks like a media player and is described as a "very simple and straightforward [device] much like your mobile phone."

Unlike like your smartphone, the EVBot is hooks up to your EVGA-powered system by way of a motherboard connector and three separate VGA port connections. Once plugged in, you'll have the ability to adjust a ton of different voltages and a handful of clock frequencies, and all on-the-fly. Just some of the settings you can tweak include the CPU vCore, CPU VTT, CPU PLL vCore, CPU host frequency, PCI-E Frequency, CPU clock skew, CPU amplitude, and so on.

The EVBot communicates via the SMBus (System Management Bus) and includes a hardware monitor for keeping an eye on CPU temps, VREG temps, CPU vCore, and CPU frequency. It also boasts a feature called Opt Booster, which automatically gives your processor a temporary clockspeed boost every few seconds beyond the overclocked settings.

But don't go writing your BIOS's obituary just yet, because only select EVGA owners need apply. EVBot only works with the following:

  • EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way Motherboard
  • EVGA X58 Classified Motherboard
  • EVGA P55 Classified Motherboard
  • EVGA P55 FTW 200 Motherboard
  • EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard
  • EVGA GTX 285 Classified Graphics Card

The EVBot is available now marked down to $80 (from $100) direct from EVGA.

Cheesy Video Demo .

Image Credit: EVGA

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