Evercool Launches World's First Patented Router Cooler

Paul Lilly

Like wings on a skydiving Penguin whose parachute fails to open, or racing tires on a 1971 Ford Pinto, Evercool's new Dr. Cool router cooler has us wondering if such a device is necessary. Even Evercool appears a bit uncertain. The company says its Dr. Cool device was designed with three features in mind, which include branding, creative aesthetics, and effective cooling. Notice that cooling is listed last, not because it isn't capable, but does your router really need a blast of cold air?

Perhaps if you live in a particularly toasty part of the world, or for added peace of mind when your central air conditioning goes belly up during the dog days of summer, a router cooler could come in handy. Here's what Evercool has to say about it:

"Dr. Cool provides a cooling solution to address overheating problems. Using one 8cm long-life fan it provides sufficient airflow to achieve silent cooling, effectively dissipating the heat. It also helps prevent damage caused by heat by long periods of operation and extend the router's or IP sharing device's life expectancy."

The crab-like cooler using a retractable clip design that Evercool says makes it compatible with different sizes of routers and IP sharing devices. Maybe more useful is the fact that it also supports 2.5-inch portable hard drives, tablet PCs, netbooks, and other accessories.

No word on when it will ship or for how much, but in the meantime, check out this YouTube video.

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