Even Google has Crappy Jobs

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A job a Google nets you free food, benefits for your spouse and kids should you drop dead at the keyboard, and even a salary that is second to none. All of these perks add up to make a job at Google one of the most coveted prizes for the modern geek, and yet, not every position is so glorious. A recent “Tech Confessional” exposed by BuzzFeed gave the chilling account of an ex-Googler was hired on contract to look at the very worst of the Internet so you don’t have to.

Imagine if your job consisted of sorting through droves of bestiality, necrophilia, and body mutilation videos, along with beheading and suicide clips from YouTube. This facilitating account of an ex-Google contractor details a 9 month career in the life of just such an employee, and what it’s like to be cut loose without support after enduring a year of hell. “So I went to get therapy. Google covered one session with a government-appointed therapist — and encouraged me to go out and get my own therapy after I left.”

According to the anonymous source “no one talks about it. Like the guy I knew at YouTube. He was the guy who knew everything about child porn, knew everything about beheadings. I worked with him very closely and every time a new video by Al Qaeda came up, he was the first guy to see it. He had to see it for everybody. But he was a contractor and they didn’t hire him. He has no idea why. His manager called the recruiters and said, do you have any idea what this guy does? They had no idea. If you’re a contractor, you’re just a name and a department”.

It’s a somewhat horrifying tale, but worth reading. Does Google have a responsibility to these contractors? Let us know what you think below.

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