Europe: PS3 Import Ban Lifted, LG Fined

Pulkit Chandna

We have some major news from the Dutch theatre of Sony’s patent battle with LG . The temporary ban that was imposed on the import of PS3s into Netherlands last month has now been lifted . Sony has plenty to cheer about as a bulk of its PS3 shipments designated for continental Europe and UK come through Rotterdam and Schiphol. But this isn’t the proverbial last laugh for Sony.

Despite the Dutch court’s decision to lift last month’s preliminary injunction on the import of PS3 consoles, the battle rages on. Sony still has to defend itself against LG’s patent infringement claims.

Coming back to the latest court order, not only has the temporary ban been lifted, but LG has also been ordered to pay substantial damages and legal costs. The PS3s that were seized by customs officials as a result of the ban will also be released.

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