Eurocom's 13.3-inch M4 Laptop Packs a 3200x1800 Display, Maxwell Graphics



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Seems to be based off of the Clevo W230SS (or the older W230ST) although the dimentions are slightly smaller. Heck, it looks identical from the pics. I own the W230ST with 765m and it's great! Great for traveling too! Only complaint is wish it had THAT new screen now, lol. And would've liked a dual exhaust port cause it gets hot with a single. Hence it downclocks I think.



I just checked the website, and Eurocom incorrectly labeled their own model description for the M4. The Eurocom M4 is NOT an ultraportable laptop. It is listed under the regular gaming laptops. The pics of the M4 clearly show that it is not an ultraportable laptop. Eurocom lists the Armadillo, Monster, Electra 2, and Shark 2.0 as ultraportable models, but not the M4. The M4 may be light by gaming laptop standards (4.4 lbs), but is still very thick for such a small form factor (13.3 inch screen).



Do not yet own one, but... Have had the chance to see one personally and also to possibly price one out.

Even at the entry level configuration the screen image is nothing but incredible. That much screen in that small and relatively lightweight system. WOW

Just an FYI, not too difficult to get one of these exact models to exceed some 5k in price. Still looking forward to a possible Eurocom laptop with a 4k screen sometime soon??