Eurocom Panther 2.0 Review



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Um, how are you guys doing your percentage increases?

Say you go from values A to B. Then the percentage increase from A to B is calculated as:


Ex: Going from 100 to 175. One can easily see how this is a 75% increase, but lets check: 

((175-100)/100)x100 = 75.


Same goes for decreasing percentages. Battery life should be ((100-30)/100)x100 = -70%.

Far Cry FPS: ((123.71-32.7)/32.7)x100 = 278.3%

How you got 155.1% is beyond me. Think about it. An increase of 100% would be 32.7. 200% would be an increase of 65.4.   32.7+65.4 = 98.1. Which isn't even close to 123.71, yet you claim the increase to be less than 200%.

Just sayin.