Eurocom Builds First 12-Core, 24-Thread Laptop, Weighs 12 pounds



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Arthur Dent

Could you really call this a laptop? I could probably plug a monitor into a standard server and balance the whole thing on my lap, but that doesn't make it a laptop. I'd consider this more of a server with a display attached.



We build it, because we can-that's all the reason we need to pack audacious power into a laptop.



DAT CPU Meter is the shaut =)
CPU meter goes up to 32 cores



dat CPU meter. but honestly, is there a market for mobile servers? seems extremely oxy-moronic.



I could see the military using this. I just got back from a training exercise where we went out in Nevada and set up a bare base from scratch. The TAC was full of all kinds of electronics that made communication a MESS. There would be one person running back and forth between radios and a dry-erase board writing down people's locations and PAR/SALUTE/LACE reports. Other people would be running back and forth between our equipment, checking it out and doing maintenance. Another couple of people would be running around gathering up all of the information and reporting it to leadership. If we could consolidate all of the data processing to one computer on the LT's table, it would free up more people for defense, medical. and engineering.

Issue is, bringing in a computer to consolidate things requires a steady power supply of its own (so nothing without batteries because generators have a tendency to cut out, especially after getting dropped out of a plane), mobility (so no rackmount or even deskside systems), a clean environment (dirt floors aren't exactly condusive to computing), ruggedability (if that's a word), and a lot of compute power to handle all of the data that is coming in without worrying about having enough headroom (most toughbooks just don't cut it). This is the only product that does all of these things in one that I know of.

Also, the scientific community. Imagine going out to a volcano or the middle of a rainforest and having to process a lot of information.

TL;DR: military and science.



Some companies sell "portable" server racks (which looks like a 2U rack in a large Pelican case), I could see this trying to replace those.