Eurocom Shark 3 Laptop Comes Ashore Sporting a GeForce GTX 860M GPU and 5.5TB of Storage

Paul Lilly

Shark 3 laptop packs a bite

Eurocom on Thursday added to its mobile lineup by announcing the Shark 3, a 15.6-inch laptop intended for users looking for an upgradeable and secure system with high performance parts. The Shark 3 comes stock with an Intel Core i5 4200M processor based on Haswell, Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPU, and a 500GB hard drive (7200 RPM), though you can expand its storage well beyond that.

If want to go all out with storage capacity, you can configure the Shark 3 with up to 5.5TB in your choice of select RAID arrays. That includes a 1TB mSATA solid state drive, plus three 1.5TB HDDS. Having that much storage space is overkill for most users, though impressive for a machine that measures 14 inches by 10 inches by 0.65-1.71 inches (and weighs 5.9 pounds).

The Shark 3 sports a backlit chiclet style keyboard with adjustable backlighting. It also has a button that provides instant access to its control center, which allows users to control crucial settings.

Your budget will ultimately determine how impressive the Shark 3 can be. It's capable of wielding up to an Intel Core i7 Extreme 4940MX processor, up to 24GB of DDR3L-1866 RAM, boatloads of HDD or SSD storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 9-in-1 card reader, and various other odds and ends.

The Eurocom Shark 3 is available now starting at $871.

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