Eurocom Panther 2.0 Claws a New High Score in an Old Benchmark

Paul Lilly

Bragging about a 3DMark06 score is like, well, bragging about a 3DMark06 score. But hey, Eurocom didn't just score high on the dated benchmark suite, it set a new record for mobile performance with its new Panther 2.0 notebook, the company said.

According to Eurocom's internal testing, the Panther 2.0 scored 22,669 points , the first notebook ever to do so courtesy of two AMD Radeon Mobility HD 6970M GPUs in a CrossFireX configuration. It also scored P22,667 in the more modern (and much more relevant) 3DMark Vantage benchmark, and P5,689 in the newly released 3DMark11 suite.

The Panther 2.0 configuration used for Eurocom's benchmark runs packed some powerful components, including an Intel Core i7 980X processor, 12GB of DDR3-1333, and a 500GB 7200RPM Solid Hybrid drive from Seagate.

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Image Credit: Eurocom

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