EU Regulators Expected to Approve Google's Motorola Deal

Ryan Whitwam

An unknown factor in Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility has always been the scrutiny it would receive from European regulators. It’s a good day in Mountain View, because Reuters is reporting that the EU is prepared to grant its unconditional approval of the deal. Google announced the $12.5 billion buyout last year, but said Motorola will operate as a separate entity.

The suspicion is that Google made the deal with Motorola because the Android OEM has significant patents that cover wireless technology. As the patent war heats up, Google found itself with very little ammunition. The thousands of patents in Motorola’s portfolio will be used to shield Android and other products from patent trolls, as well as rivals Microsoft and Apple.

The EU regulators are expected to announce their support on Monday, but that still leaves a few loose ends. The US Justice Department is expected to approve the merger, but there is not firm timeline for that to be made official. Google also has to get approval in Taiwan and Israel, where it has large presences. Do you foresee any problems with this deal going through?

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