ESPN Tries to Lure Sports Fans and Geeks with "The Ultimate Remote"


ESPN's " Ultimate Remote " looks nothing like the one Adam Sandler wielded in the move Click , nor can it manipulate time. It can't mute your girlfriend, and no matter what combination of buttons you push, you won't be able to call an audible and change the outcome of the SuperBowl. So can it still live up to its moniker and be the last remote you'll ever buy?

Developed by tvCompass, ESPN's $299 price point puts it into 3G iPhone territory, but don't expect to make any calls on the mobile-looking gadget. However, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, feel free to text other ESPN remote owners and remind them that the Celtics are now 9-2 all time against the Lakers in the Finals, and 1-0 against Kobe (M-V-what?). You can also gloat by sending texts to email or mobile phones, download the latest scores, look up the weather, and get one-click access to a number of sites, such as, Facebook, Yahoo Search, and more. Viewing websites on a 2.2" LCD screen is no replacement for a notebook or desktop PC, but hey, how many universal remotes can claim internet capabilities? Whether or not it's a capability you actually care to have on your remote is another question altogether.

Image Credit: ESPN

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