Eplida Completes Development of 30nm 2Gb DDR3

Paul Lilly

Elpida, Japan's biggest player in the DRAM market, announced today it has developed a 30nm class 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM for PCs and consumer electronics. According to Elpida, it's the industry's smallest 2Gb DDR3 around.

The smaller chip size allows Elpida to achieve a 45 percent higher chip yield per wafer compared to its 40nm products, the company claims. In addition, Elpida says the shrink will help contain rising chip costs associated with process migration. And as for JEDEC specs, everything is kosher.

"Elpida's new chip meets the JEDEC specs for the high-speed DDR3-1855 and 1.35V low-voltage, high-speed DDR3L-1600 memory chips, both expected to become mainstream industry products in 2011," Elpida said. "Also, the 30nm DDR3 SDRAM is eco-friendly. As a DDR3 SDRAM it achieves one of the industry's lowest levels of electric current usage (approximately 15 percent less operating and approximately 10 percent less standby usage compared with Elpida's 40nm products)."

Elpida said it will begin sample shipments in December 2010, with volume shipments slated for the same month.

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