Epic Privacy Browser Makes Surfing Ultra-Discreet

Brittany Vincent

Keep your tracks hidden with Epic Privacy Browser

If privacy while you're browsing the web is important to you, the new Epic Privacy Browser from Hidden Reflex could be the answer for all your discreet surfing needs. It's free, proxies all search queries, and also offers a proxy feature that can cloak source IP addresses for all other internet browsing activity.

The Epic Privacy Browser, via PC World , will not accept third-party cookies and will block trackers. Referrer data that's normally sent to search engines will be blocked as well. Of course, while a small percentage of the data will not be blocked, there's enough wiped away here to make Epic Privacy Browser worth your while.

After you close your browser, none of your traffic passes through the Hidden Reflex servers. Auto-fill and other information is handled locally, and Epic eliminates any stored data when the browser closes. You may not have automatic login privileges, but your data is going to be a lot safer than with any old random browser.

If you're interested, check out the official website here . We wish you happy (and private) browsing!

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