Epic Games Provides Details on Unreal Engine 4.1 Update

Sean D Knight

Linux and SteamOS support incoming

Epic Games has posted preview notes on its upcoming 4.1 update for the Unreal Engine 4 . The pending update has a plethora of new features, assets, new platform supports, and a ton of fixes and improvements to the game engine.

One new feature of 4.1 is that it will have initial support for Linux and SteamOS platforms. This will allow developers to run and package games for both platforms once the update goes live. For those who were impressed with Epic’s Elemental demo that was shown back in 2012, the company also plans to release the Elemental assets to coincide with the update’s rollout for free to all subscribers from the Marketplace.

Update 4.1 will also have two new project templates, for C++ and Blueprint, which will demonstrate flying and rolling character movement. Among the other features there is an Asset Deletion Assistant, an Undo History Window, and even a new Translation Editor to edit translation for strings in a game’s code and assets.

For a full list of all the new features, fixes, and improvements, be sure to visit the official website .

Last month, at GDC, Epic Games announced a $19-per-month plan that would provide developers full access to the engine and its assets. Those who use the engine to develop a game would also agree to pay 5 percent back to the company for the gross revenue of any commercial products built with UE4.

The Unreal Engine 4.1 update will be released later this month.

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