Epic Games Makes Unreal Engine 4 Available to Everyone for $19 Per Month

Paul Lilly

A surprise announcement at the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC)

Have you dreamed about making an epic game if only you had access to the right tools? You're in luck. It just so happens that Epic Games is offering anyone and everyone an opportunity to tap into its next generation Unreal Engine 4 for $19 per month . In addition to the monthly subscription fee, you also agree to fork over 5 percent of gross revenue resulting from any commercial products you build using UE4.

"This is our complete engine, with everything Epic provides to leading game developers, priced accessibly for teams of all sizes, budgets and aspirations," said Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games.

Subscribers gain access to all of UE4's leading-edge tools, features, Unreal Editor in ready-to-run form, and complete C++ source code hosted on GitHub. The whole kit and caboodle, in other words, all wrapped in a convenient and affordable subscription plan. And for those who'd rather not share a 5 percent royalty, Epic Games says it will also license UE4 via custom-negotiated terms.

"This is the complete technology we at Epic use when building our own games, forged by years of experience shipping games like Gears of War for Xbox and Infinity Blade for iOS, and now reinvented for a new generation," Sweeney added in a blog post .

To help developers dive in, Epic Games is shipping a bunch of ready-made content, samples, and game templates, all of which you can find in the Marketplace in the Unreal Editor. Everything in there is free for the time being, though over time, Sweeney says it will grow into a complete ecosystem for sharing community-created content, both free and paid.

Find out more and/or subscribe at unrealengine.com .

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