Epic Games Confirms They Are Working on a PC Exclusive

Maximum PC Staff

Epic games is known these days for Xbox titles such as Gears of War, however it’s sometimes easy to forget they were also one of the all-time greats in the PC arena. The Unreal series pushed the boundaries of competitive multiplayer, and even PC hardware well ahead of anything else of its day. A few select titles such as the original Gears of War and Bulletstorm made their way to the PC, however the controls just didn’t transfer well to the mouse and keyboard. Those longing for the good ole days of Epic PC exclusives finally have something to look forward to, with Design Director Cliff Bleszinski confirming the existence of a PC only title to panel attendees at PAX East.

Epic Games president Mike Capps told reporters from Joystiq after the panel that the unannounced PC exclusive they referenced is well underway, and they have no plans to port it to the console now, or anytime in the future. That’s not much to go on, however with E3 just a few months away we might not have to wait long to learn more. It is entirely possible the title could also be among the first to show off the capabilities of the next generation Unreal engine .

There you have it folks, the Epic of days gone by is finally back. If the game ends up being a free to play MMO based in the Pokemon universe I apologize in advance for getting your hopes up.

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