Epic Announces Support for Oculus Rift in Unreal Engine 4 as Part of its Integrated Partners Program

Maximum PC Staff

This Kickstarter success story just keeps getting better.

Oculus Rift is still little more than a really promising virtual reality development kit, but that promise gets more real everyday as industry heavyweights throw in behind the scrappy little startup. Epic Games has always been an Oculus partner, but late last week the company finally announced native support for the VR headset in Unreal Engine 4 .

The announcement was buried in a press release where Epic also unveiled its Integrated Partners Program, an initiative that adds support for several middleware companies as well. In theory this should make it easier for developers to add on to the game engine, and add technologies such as Oculus or PhysX without too much difficulty.

Native support for such a popular next generation game engine is a major achievement for the Oculus team, and it should be a huge help when it comes time to finally ship a consumer friendly product. Individual developers won’t be forced to support the Oculus, but removing barriers can only help.

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