Nathan Edwards Aug 22, 2008

Envision G2219w1

At A Glance


The best 22-inch display we've ever tested.


Awkwardly-placed DVI cable.

We are ashamed to have mentally cast off Envision’s G2219w1 at first glance because it looked like a budget monitor. It’s budget in price only, for this 22-inch display offers exceptional picture quality for its class.

We would ask that subsequent versions of the G2219w1 address
the limited space between the display’s stand and its DVI connector.

It wasn’t perfect, though—Envision’s display didn’t reach the same level of gray detail at the dark end of the grayscale as Gateway’s, but it was extremely close. Envision’s display beat out Gateway’s at the light end of the spectrum by, again, a very close margin.

Given their relative similarity in black-and-white gradients, we didn’t expect to see a huge difference in the monitors’ respective color saturations. But the G2219w1 was able to display a full range of lighter colors against a white background far better than the HD2201. The latter showed acceptable performance on its blue and red shades and completely crapped out with its greens.

Given its strong DisplayMate performance, we expected the G2219w1 to perform well with real-world content. And it did. While the overall color saturation was stronger on the G2219w1 than the HD2201, the latter brought out additional detail and improved coloration in darker scenes. For example, we’d much prefer the HD2201’s picture when staring at the murky steps at the beginning of BioShock, but we’d take the G2219w1’s depiction of the flames in the game’s opening scene any day.

No banding or color-tracking issues popped up in our tests, nor did the display suffer from any image ghosting or other abnormalities in our real-world tests. But we did encounter a frustrating problem with the display’s DVI input. Due to the proximity of the port to the display’s base, it was difficult to attach a DVI cable to the monitor. It wasn’t enough to reduce our appreciation of this display’s overall prowess, however. We place this monitor above the Gateway HD2201 in overall quality. It’s not a perfect 22-inch display, but it’s the best one we’ve ever tested.


Envision G2219w1
Viewable Area
Native Resolution 1680x1080
Panel Type

Envision G2219w1

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