Ensemble's Canceled Project was WoW-Wannabe Halo MMO

Nathan Grayson

Stop us if you've heard this story before: A semi-small dev team, formed in the mid-90's, lovingly crafts two 2D RTSes before upgrading right into the third dimension. The next RTS in their flagship series isn't quite as well-received as the previous two, but still flies off the shelves and perches itself on top of the sales charts. So what do they do next? Why, craft an MMO with the assistance of an extremely lucrative license! Got any guesses as to who we might be talking about?

That's right, Ensemble Studios.

Yes, Blizzard and Ensemble, after a quick make-up job, could probably star in The Parent Trap: Gamer's Edition ( A Brett Ratner Film ), but cribbed answers from each other's track records are only the beginning.

As early as 2006, Ensemble began work on a Halo MMO . Here, however, we're willing to wager that any similarities to Blizzard's MMO-opus are more than mere coincidence. Sadly, we'll never know what Ensemble had planned for this decidedly PC-oriented jaunt through Halo's universe, because it's been decomposing in Ensemble's recycle bin for nearly a year, according to a thorough analysis by Gamasutra.

A blog by the name of "Gone Is Gone" also lent its shovel to the dig, and unearthed a full Flickr gallery's worth of screenshots and concept art from the deceased title. Take a look.

So, if the game hadn't gotten the axe, would you have abandoned the Alliance and/or Horde for the Master Chief's legions?

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