Enermax Wields Super High Wattage MaxRevo Power Supply Line

Paul Lilly

When it comes to building your own personal dream machine, there's no such thing as too much, right? That's how we've always felt, though every once in awhile a company comes along and launches a product that challenges that notion. Today its Enermax, which by its own admission "enters the heavyweight class with its new MaxRevo high-performance" power supply line designed for multi-GPU systems, industrial PCs, workstations, and servers. Enermax isn't just puffing its chest here, the lowest end model in the MaxRevo line is a whopping 1200W (1.2kW) PSU!

Not enough, you say? Also available are 1350W and 1500W power supplies. Each one is equipped with six +12V rails and features a fully modular design. Two of the models -- 1200W and 1350W -- are 80 Plus Gold certified, meaning they provide up to 94 percent peak efficiency.

On the more technical side, Enermax says its MaxRevo line incorporates Copper-Bridge Array transmission technology to replace traditional wires. This, according to Enermax, offers a four times wider and shorter transmission path, and up to 3 percent improved regulation for better system stability and clean DC output.

The MaxRevo series will start shipping this month starting at $319.


Image Credit: Enermax

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