Enermax Touts "Genius Design" in ETD-T60 Series CPU Coolers

Paul Lilly

Enermax brought an assortment of buzz words and phrases when announcing its new ETD-T60 series of down-flow CPU cooling solutions. We're talking about terms like Vortex Generator Flow, Vacuum Effect Flow, and Auto Adjustable Pressure technology, two of which Enermax says are patented. The result of all this science book banter is a "breakthrough" in air cooling and thermal resistance down to 0.12C/W.

The ETD-T60 series is comprised of a 12CM PWM Twister bearing fan on top of a hunk of aluminum carved into fins. Six 6mm heatpipes cross over from two sides "with enhanced soldering technology" and hustle down to the CPU block. Sounds like any number of modern day air coolers, but here's where Enermax's buzz words come into play.

Enermax applied small Vortex Generators around the heatpipes designed to route air through the windless area behind them and over 55 fins. This design maximizes air convection and removes heat that conventional coolers can't reach, Enermax says. In addition, the uniquely designed cooler supposedly creates an air channel with the fin flaps. This Vacuum Effect Flow ultimately results in "more cool air [being] sucked in by utilizing the differential pressure in between the heatsink's internal and external air temperature."

Finally, Enermax integrated an Auto Adjustable Pressure mechanism inside the cooler's bracket pillars. This is supposed to take user error out of the install process and ensure optimal contact force between the cooler and processor with any of the supported sockets.

Enermax plans to ship two versions of its new cooler, the ETD-T60-TB with dual metal clip fan mount mechanism for $65, and the ETD-T60-VD with a fan cover mount for $75.

Image Credit: Enermax

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