Enermax Rubber Vegas Fans Don't Need No Stinkin' Screws!

Paul Lilly

Case fans typically aren't all that exciting. Some sport funky fan blades, other boast LED lights, and all of them are shrouded in plastic with screw holes to attach to your case. You have fans that are designed to push more air than a hurricane, and others built with low acoustics in mind. But what makes the new USB Rubber Vegas (U.R.Vegas) fan line from Enermax so unique is how you mount the fans and move them around.

Enermax constructed a fan line that uses magnetic skin pads to attach to your case. We don't imagine these would work well with plastic cases -- not unless Enermax conjured up a material that defies the laws of physics -- but with your steel or aluminum chassis, these skin pads should stick wherever you slap them, allowing you to attach fans inside or outside your case and quickly move them around.

The fans measure 12cm, are USB powered, and include 18 red or blue LEDs (color is identical to skin pad and blades). According to Enermax, the light show is four times brighter than any other fans, and you can switch between seven different lighting effects. As for cooling and noise, these fans push 52.51CFM, spin at 1250RPM, and are rated at 21dBA.

Look for these to ship by the end of the month for $20.

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Image Credit: Enermax

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