Enermax Platimax PSUs: 80 Plus Platinum Achievement Unlocked

Paul Lilly

Why go for the gold when platinum is within reach? That's the question Enermax asked itself when designing its new Platimax power supply series, which brings the 80 Plus Platinum certification bling, the highest 80 Plus certification available in the U.S. What that stamp means is that the Platimax line has been certified at least 95 percent efficient at 50 percent typical load and no less than 91 percent efficient when fully loaded.

The Platimax line is available in 600W, 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W models, making it suitable for modest systems on up to heavy-duty dream machines and industrial PCs. Enermax equipped each model with 105C Japanese electrolytic capacitors, multiple +12V rails, an ultra-quiet 13.9cm Twister-bearing fan, and a coated chassis with black deco frame, just in case you want to sit and stare at it for awhile before tucking it out of sight in your desktop tower.

Enermax's 1200W Platimax model packs some additional oomph with a patented high-power density transformer, copper bridge array transmission technology, a strengthened heatsink, and clean layout to prevent heat buildup.

Pricing for the Platimax series has been set at $179 ( 600W ), $209 ( 750W ), $249 ( 850W ), $279 ( 1000W ), and $329 ( 1200W ). No word on availability.

Image Credit: Enermax

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