Enermax Modu82+ Power Supply Line Hands Torch to Triathlor Series

Paul Lilly

The new Triathlor Series is available with or without modular cables.

After a five-year run spanning from 2008 until now, Enermax has decided "the time has come to say goodbye to the Modu82+" family of power supplies. In its place is the new Triathlor series, which Enermax promises will be in existence for many years to come. There are two versions to choose from, the regular Triathlor with wired cables and Triathlor FC (Flexible Cable management) with flat modular cables.

"The two versions of the Triathlor series, the Triathlor and Triathlor FC PSUs are the real deal and, they come in a classic black housing. But don’t judge these PSUs by their simple cover: The Triathlor series is equipped with latest Enermax technology," Enermax says. "The manufacturer has spared neither costs nor effort to develop a product that meets the highest standards in terms of performance capability and quality. For example only the highest capacity Japanese capacitors are used to give a consistent and high quality build."

Supposedly unusual for power supplies in the Triathlor series' price range (even though Enermax hasn't revealed MSRPs at this time) is the integration of expensive DC-to-DC conversion technology to reduce energy loss and improve voltage regulation, Enermax says. The new PSUs can keep stable voltages at 0W load, also known as a Zero Load Design, which is supposed to solve compatibility issues with the energy-saving functions of modern graphics cards and CPUs that use the C6 power state.

The Triathlor line is available in 385W , 450W , and 550W models; the FC version is available in 550W , 650W , and 700W models. All six versions are 80 Plus Bronze certified.

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