Enermax Launches LuxuRay Mid Tower Case

Paul Lilly

Enermax is gambling that LEDs still sell cases to gamers and enthusiasts. That's the idea behind equipping the company's new LuxuRay enclosure with a special 12cm blue/red/green combo "Vegas" LED fan with 14 LED modes, each of which can be changed from the switch on the front panel.

Once you're done playing with the light show, you can check out the other features, like tool-less drive bays, a bottom-mounted PSU slot with anti-dust filter, cutouts on the motherboard tray, watercooling cutouts, an all black interior, thumbscrews for easy access, support for 2.5-inch drives (SSDs), and support for videocards up to 310mm in length.

The case will start shipping in November for $69.

Image Credit: Enermax

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