Enermax Gives Ostrog Mid-Tower Chassis a Pink Makeover

Paul Lilly

Pink is the new black?

We received an email from Enermax letting us know that its Ostrog computer case is now available in pink (limited edition) with a white internal coating. At the bottom of the email is a taglines that reads, "Pink is the new black," which is news to us. More appropriate, however, is the timing of the launch, which just so happens to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

There's nothing in the materials we received to indicate Enermax was aware of the connection, but even if unintentional, it works. It might also work if you're in the market for a pink chassis, whether it's for yourself or a build for that special lady in your life (girlfriend, daughter, mother, etc).

Color scheme aside, the Ostrog features screwless optical drive installation, seven expansion slots, bottom mounted PSU slot with rubber shock dampening pads, a removable dust filter (also at the bottom), removable hard drive cage to accommodate longer graphics cards, support for CPU coolers up to 174mm, cut-outs and bumps for cable management, and USB 3.0 support.

The Ostrog Pink is available from Fry's for $70.

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