Enermax ETS-N30 Budget Cooler Coming Soon

Brittany Vincent

Enermax's budget CPU cooler sports LED lights

If you're in the market for a new CPU cooler, Enermax has announced a a mid-range tower-style cooler with LED lights, U-shaped heat pipes, and Enermax's patented Stack Effect Flow (SEF) technology. On top of that, the blue LED lights add a cool sci-fi lilt to what could otherwise be a boring plain cooler. And who would want that?

All jokes aside, Enermax's new cooler has a PWM capable fan, Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF) technology that incorporates bending fin tips to create air channels, and three 6 mm thick heat copper pipes. The unit itself is 92 x 79 x 134 mm and is compatible with sockets including AMD AM3+ and FM2+, and also Intel's LGA115X sockets.

Enermax hasn't released any information about when these coolers will become available, but once new info is released we'll update this post with pricing and availability.

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