Enermax Adds Coenus Case to Mid-Tower Lineup

Paul Lilly

Enermax named its sci-fi looking case after a Greek general.

Coenus is remembered as a faithful and fearless general of Alexander the Great, and nearly 1,700 years later, he finally has a computer case named after him . Would he approve of Enermax's namesake chassis? That's something we'll let the scholars debate, but as far as we're concerned, the latest mid-tower from Enermax looks like a solid option on paper (we haven't played with one in person), provided you're a fan of the aggressive aesthetics.

Like the Fulmo that preceded it , Enermax says cooling performance was a point of focus, hence the three-dimensional black iron mesh. There's also room for up to half a dozen case fans, including two 120mm fan slots in the front. The motherboard tray features a cutout for quick CPU cooler maintenance (a fairly standard feature these days), and there's a removable dust filter in the bottom-mounted PSU bay.

You can fit up to seven 3.5-inch drives in the Coenus, though that depends on the positioning of the upper HDD bracket. Two other orientations allow for four 2.5-inch and three 3.5-inch drives, or three 3.5-inch drives with empty space to provide additional cooling for graphics cards.

Enermax didn't say how much the Coenus will cost or when it will be available. Maximum PC reached out to Enermax for answers and will update when/if we hear back.

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